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1. The ability and skills in which members of AFTAC are trained and specialize in.

2. An act in which someone improves or enhances the use of a computer or computer software.

3. Software or hardware that has been modded to preform specifically for the users satisfaction.

4. The act of which is preformed by nerds, geeks and dorks of all kinds to better improve the quality of life for oneself in all measures of technology, while simultaneously irritating ones spouse or family members.

see also AFTAC

Geez! Can't you just leave the damn computer alone and stop AFTACing the damn thing, before you break it!

"Hey, did you hear that Sgt. Osmond got an iPhone?"

"Yeah, he's only had it for one day, and he's already AFTACed it!"
by ChibiSophie May 15, 2009
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