Aephi girls are some of the most incredible girls on college campuses nationwide. All of their members are definitely beautiful but its the inner light that each of them hold that is an obvious representation of their founding sisters that makes them as tight nit and powerful as these girls obviously are. Boys want them. Girls want to be them.
Frat boy1: "Do you see those girls?"
Frat boy2: "Yea man, you have no chance. Thats Aephi."
by greeklife1 February 26, 2010
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Most kick ass, real sorority at Rowan. Usually undefeated in all intramural sports. Can drink anyone under the table. Crazy parties.... infamous radiator dancing.
'Man there's nothing to do tonight...'
'You wouldn't say that if you knew any AEPhi's, there's always a party there'
by Amanda February 24, 2005
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