Alcohol-Free Day. Typically used by people who drink every day when they attempt to rejuvenate their body (and soul) by abstaining from alcohol for 24 hours or more.
I've been hammering it for weeks but after saturday night, i had to have 2 AFDs in a row to recover.
by shagoogle April 10, 2005
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Australian Defense Force

note: alt. spelling 'defence' when in pommy, matey or kiwi land

A military force which is proven to be relatively weak judging by the fact that high school graduates can actually apply for officer positions and be accepted, FAR OUT MATE
The USMC could take on all branches of the ADF single-handedly with what we have in Okinawa, no sweat.
by USMC wannabe April 10, 2005
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When something just catches you off guard.
Meant to be used as a question. e.g.

A: Did you hear Donald Trump got elected for President?
B: Aye Da Fuck?! /A.D.F?
by PARAPPAPAPA December 16, 2016
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