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Adebola means blessing and wealth well whoever bears Adebola is more likely to be rich and to be wealthy, a rare gem his woman his a lucky fella. Adebola he a beautiful name given to both male and female
i met an Adebola last week
by rock nation August 22, 2017
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adebola meaning blessing and wealth



bola=wealth and blessing
adebola is very rice,princess ,popular ,sexy girl.everyone love her,she had a glow around her
by bolaade October 29, 2010
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A tall annoying retard that laughs like some disabled chicken trying to cross a road at 3:50. When he says PE was too easy he cries deep inside . Because he's too stupid to think and learn for he's GCSE's which he will fail soon enough.
Jimmy: Hey Adebola what did you got in your science test.
Adebola: Fam I got like grade 9. Science is too easy
Jimmy: (Why is this guy lying) Oh nice
Adebola:(Laughs like an idiot boy)
by Lukas Schaferhofer May 21, 2019
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