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Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty - Agreement Signed in Moscow in 1972 between the former Soviet Union and The United States, in which both parties agreed that each may have only two ABM deployment areas, so restricted and so located that they cannot provide a nationwide ABM defense or become the basis for developing one. This Treaty effectively reduced the the vast nuclear weapons capabilities of both nations and helped usher in a new era of non-proliferation. However in 2001, President Bush announced that he would withdrawal from this treaty, essentially slapping the global community, and one of America's biggest allies (Russia) in the face, and possibly launching America into a new cold war.
Prime example of how the Bush Administration fails to grasp the importance of foreign relations, international treaties, and the concept of geopolitics. Fine demonstration of the arrogance and hypocrisy of the Bush team, in that they can demand disarmament from other nations, while they expand their missile program and further deteriorate America's credibility. See also Kyoto Treaty
by preppyguy21 January 05, 2005
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