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AAML which stands for Ash and Misty's love. It is a shipping from the popular kid show Pokemon. Through the first 5 seasons, kids who started out with the original 3 characters started to see a bond or love grow between ash and misty. Misty was the more obvious one when showing her feelings for ash. Ash on the other hand was a little hard to decipher. At first he just seemed to be that average 10 year old boy-very dense and not really caring about "Love". But through out the series when Misty left, he sometimes referred back to her. He even said that he missed her in one of the movies. He said the he had an old friend that left a long time ago and he missed her so much. There is alot of evidence for the supporting of the shipping. But to the people who are fans of other shippings (advanceshipping, pearlshipping, and gayshipping) say the the original series with Misty, Ash and Brock were dubbed by the American writers. If so, fans of AAML still want the love to happen
A piece of AAML evidence is this:

(Ash)-Wow Brock is getting married!
(Misty)-You and i will be married someday!
(Misty) - gives and omg i cant believe he heard that look.
by KilgoreDelta40 June 02, 2008
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A short form for 'Ash And Misty Love'. Ash and Misty from the very popular show, Pokemon. If you're pro AAML you support the idea of Ash and Misty being a couple, if you're anti AAML.. well take a guess. ;P
Random Person: If you say so.. u.u;

-Kendra kilz Raye-
by Princess-Hinotama April 28, 2007
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