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A term for a girl that's spoiled, soul draining, manipulative, pathological lair. Her hobbies include talking shit about all her "friends", calling her mother a bitch, self diagnosing herself for attention/pity,over exaggerating her first world problems, and crying over her ex. She's extremely self-absorbed, she thinks she's the most hilarious person in the world (when in reality her jokes are shit and her laugh is comparable to a cackling hyena) she thinks she can get with any boy at the school but everyone really thinks she looks like Micheal Jackson, her favorite thing in the world is to talk about herself and to complain about her first world problems. Don't EVER go to her to talk about your issues because she will automatically belittle and compare her "terrible" life when in reality shes a pampered only child with an extremely large inheritance. She hates admitting to mistakes and loves to victimize herself. She's known to be the most delusional person at school. Be careful because she disguises herself as a kind person, but will then suck the life out of anyone in a relationship with her. This is the exactly why her last relationship ended. She treated him like a slave, he always had to put her first before his own problems, if he ever chose to attend to his own issues she would impulsively break-up with him just for them to get back together the next day, this will drive him to a point of self hatred. Same with her friends. Please stay away from a "Hailey Treanor"
All Cara talk's about is herself...she's totally A Hailey Treanor
by dyinghouseplant March 26, 2019
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