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One who is up ones self and is unknowingly atrracted to butch women that are more masculine than the aforementioned pervet. He becomes increasingly interested in these butch women when the woman mentioned below has rejected him, he can only settle for butch lesbians who go under the same forename as said beautiful lady.

A 'man' who falls into a relentless pursuit for his friends older and very attractive sister, she is beautiful and is clearly too good for him let alone being 2 years older than him. The traditional darwin harasses her with text messages and will never give up. He spreads lies to make himself feel better, and example of a darwin tale is written below. He is very horny. He cannot communicate with any other forms other than text messaging via a mobile communication device.

Darwin is also someone who invented the theory of evolution.
A Darwin: 'A very popular sixth former who is 3 years above me gave me head"

A Darwin: *via text message* "Hey if you're free could we talk please? x"

A Darwin: *via text message* "Hey if you're free we could meet tomorrow? x"

A Darwin: "please can we talk now?"
by CaptainHookBonerMan September 02, 2010
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