Noun. A story that has no apparent punchline, moral, relevance, or foreseeable end leaving an awkward silence afterward between all parties when they realize that the story that was just told was completely pointless. "Caroline Story"-tellers sometimes over-compensate on their lack of humor through the extension of said story, making the process painfully long and uncomfortable to endure.

Origin: Caroline A. M., Switzerland
- "So there used to be, like, a Kiosk in Egg, and I used to go there all the time. And then one day it just left, and now I don't go there anymore."
*awkward silence*
- "Wow. That was such a Caroline Story..."
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A story that has no point or definitive ending. Originates from Caroline, who often tells stories that lack substance and a plot.
-One time, we went on a family vacation and I really wanted a balcony room, and I told my mom, "I want a balcony room, I want a balcony room!"
-Wow, you just told a Caroline story
by HelloYellow October 25, 2008
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