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A person who no matter what, Will NOT upgrade to a smart phone.

They can lose their present phone and still won't make the change like the rest of the world.
They feel no need for apps, and in some cases on some level don't even understand what an app is.

They will keep the polyphonic ringtones alive I guess.
This person would be better taping a camera to the back of their phone just to take photos.

S/he will be embarrassed enough not to leave owns phone out beside themselves. for fear of criticism.

If you buy this person a smart phone they will not use it, more like sell it or pass it on.
If this person loses this brick of a phone they will buy the same one thus continuing the phone of past crapness.

A'Tomkins people refuse to upgrade their phone no matter what.
A'tomkins on a date

A'Tomkins: picks out ringing phone from her pocket and answers it, ""hello?, hi yeah on my way, see ya then, bye"hangs up as she put phone back into pocket she looks to see date looking at her moving hand.
Date: "how old is your phone?"
A'Tomkins "I love this phone"
Date: looks on in wonder of how they still make these models of phones.
by misschae88 June 16, 2013
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