A phrase which indicates that a person is a bit of an airhead or ditzy. Also used to label a person when they are known for saying or doing stupid things on multiple occasions.
Boy 1: Hey, do you know anything about that new girl?

Boy 2: Oh yeah, that's Rebecca. Yeah, I wouldn't go for her bro. I heard she's a little blonde.

Boy 1: Oh, really? What does she do?

Boy 2: Well the other day someone told her if she scratched their back, they would scratch hers. She started scratching their back and said "Oh goodie! I've had this really bad itch all day!"

Boy 1: Wow, she is a little blonde!
by BritMonster March 5, 2012
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Small blond minded girl who is colored on the outside and white on the inside
Dang you little blond coconut
by Amaya and Evony February 11, 2017
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An unhealthy obsession with cute little blonde girls, and the desire to eat their hair.
He was going to come out with us, but his Cute Little Blonde Girl syndrome flaired up so he went to the freshman dorms and pretended his car broke down. For 6 consecutive hours.
by JoshHammerCraft April 4, 2011
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