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A ridiculous doublespeak policy initiated by YouTube on December, 2, 2008, which basically is a way for YouTube to slit their own throat. They now look for videos that contain profanity or whatever (which should be fine because it's not TV, it's YouTube, it's the fucking Internet, and YouTube is the last mainstream forum of self-expression that hasn't fallen victim to political or moral correctness like TV and radio has), and start censoring them by removing their views and sometimes flat-out deleting videos and accounts.

One of the first people to draw attention to it on YouTube was The Amazing Atheist, who explained the dishonesty of such a censorship policy, and that in reality censorship will ruin YouTube, not make it better.

And I don't give a fuck if it's their site and they can do whatever they want. The community of YouTube made it what it is, it's not like YouTube will jump down to being a random porn site just because a few people express themselves by saying "fuck".

A wise user named TheeStranger explained that because Google bought YouTube, they needed to keep foul-mouthed real people like you and me off of the front page of YouTube by "algorithmically demoting" the videos, and promoting fake corporate bullshit like Fred and High School Musical and all kinds of stupid shit that's being advertised. It's only fair that there should be one place that doesn't have to be aimed at a certain audience, where people can express themselves however the fuck they want. That should be YouTube, after we made it what it is. The Internet may not be a place for kids, so the fuck what? The responsibility lies with the parents, they don't have to fucking sculpture everyone else so their virgin ears don't get hurt.

What YouTube doesn't realize is that people will start going to other sites to express themselves with this authoritarian bullshit, and YouTube will fall. That's just how it is, if YouTube doesn't pull the knife from it's throat, it'll just bleed out and they'll have done it themselves.
A Sheepish YouTuber Who Kisses Ass to the Policies: youtube needs censorship, lol, its their site they can do what they want!

A YouTuber Who Doesn't Take Free Speech For Granted: Are you listening to yourself? Quit kissing their ass and realize that they're murdering the last well-known place of free expression that hasn't been dumbed down for the masses, and that this will get worse if we don't come to terms with what YouTube has done for our culture. We must voice ourselves and our opinions, because it's who we are, not everybody can vent in public places, YouTube is the last public forum where people are better at being themselves, and that we should defend the right. Sure, they own the site, but we made it what it is. It's wrong that they should use us, loose us then deny us what's rightfully ours. I mean, if you can't realize that about a website, are you ever gonna be prepared to fight for free speech for a nation? This "A YouTube For All of Us" policy contradicts itself, because it's not about all of us at all, it's about their corporation and their youth target audience of stupid eleven year old Disney channel girls.

Sheepish YouTuber: lolz iz their site they can do what they want!!

Free-Thinking YouTuber: *sigh*
by TheLiberalWhoIsACatholic March 28, 2009
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