Noah Schnapp is the definition of “A WHOLE SNACK”. Someone who is very attractive. Or who you’re attracted too...even personality.
Dang,Looking like A WHOLE SNACK,over there.
by Celia1205R February 10, 2018
Corbyn Besson hes a whole snack but he’s my BISH- @c_o_r_b_e_a_n__b_e_s_s_o_n is my insta follow me his is @corbynbesson
Corbyn Besson is my whole snack bish only used by Brianna Besson and Christina Marie
by Bri Besson July 11, 2018
When someone is so attractive you can’t think of any other way to describe them
Yo Frankie happy birthday fam looking like a whole fucking snack
by Beckett2001 October 20, 2019