When one is stuck at the tip of a parabolic shape dune, in slang it’s called he did “A NAZISH” which is commonly done by jeepers
Did you see Mustafa last week? he pulled a Nazish
by Monodose March 03, 2020
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A short girl with beautiful eyes attracts a lot of men; very kind and loving and is loved by everyone however a nazish can have a lot of attitude but overall very loving
by Psycho star January 12, 2019
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A beautiful, loyal and deeply emotional person who cares for thos who show love and devotion. She works hard and is very generous but sometimes people can take advantage and she isn’t as strong to stand up for herself. She has brown eyes, long hair and a bubbly sense of humour. She can be envious and jealous and when angry she wants her loved ones to protect her. Overall Nazish is a person you would always want as a friend there’s not many people like her.
Ask Nazish she gives great advice maybe she could help?
by Sam29851 February 06, 2019
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