1.When a kid under the age of 13 views porn for the first time.

2. When the parents answer the "where do babies come from question" as soon as its asked with great detail.

3. When a child walks in on his/her parents going to town on each other
1: "My son received A Good Education last night at Franks house... he said it was the best thing he's ever seen!"

2: Mother- Little Johnny asked the birds and the bees question last night

Friend- He did? What did you tell him?

Mother- We said "screw it" and told him EVERYTHING... my little boy gets A Good Education from us.

3: Father- Melissa and I we're doing the reverse cowgirl and then Bobby walked in on us asking about a new toy car. He might be scared for life now but he got A Good Education
by BelegMaethor February 1, 2016
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When a child under the age of 18 watches porn for the first time.
"Little Billy got a good education last night with his brother"
by BelegMaethor June 4, 2016
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