What these gay dudes be saying to secretly allude to suckin each others dicks in the bathroom at work
Hey Tod, I want a glizzy to gobble at lunch (meet me in the bathroom so I can suck your penis)!
by RoyJenk!n$ June 14, 2022
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"pops wasting no time to throat the glizzy... he a real glizzy gladiator"
by HellaHoesOnDeezNuts June 16, 2020
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If you need the glizzy, you could take mine" Pop Smoke a real one sharing da glizzy
by pussySlayer42Q69 July 9, 2020
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either a hot dog sometimes a gun or a dick. very confusing
Cam: "I love the taste of glizzy in my mouth"
Justin: "woahhh you're sus as hell bruh"
Cam: "you know damn well that's not what I mean."
by The_Lost_Ninja August 29, 2020
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A slang term for a hotdog. People usually say the term "glizzy gobbler" because that person eats alot of hotdogs, or "glizzys"
Ayo he got the glizzy!
by big dick nigga joe September 28, 2020
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someone told me it was a cock but its a damn hotdog people A HOTDOG
by ilovemilomanheim October 16, 2020
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