Darwined: Verb. To get owned so incredibly bad that your ceasing to exist contributes to the evolution of mankind.
Newcast: "In today's news, a local man in Florida was severely injured when he tried to have sex with a wood chipper."
Guy Watching TV: "Ha. Darwined, bitch."
by GourmetPrince March 11, 2009
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The process by which, via natural selection, unfit specimens remove themselves from the gene pool. See Darwin Awards.
He lit up a match to check if the tank had gas in it. Darwinism ensued.
by Dense Fog August 10, 2005
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The most amazing and adoring guys you’ll ever meet. A loving and caring boyfriend, and protective. He’s so sweet nice caring amazing and just the plain out most amazing and perfect guy you’ll ever see to exist. If you ever meet one never let him go, he is so amazing and you’ll never want to let him go, and if you do, you’ll feel as if you’ve lost your entire lost. Never get rid of a Darwin, he’s the one who will change your life for the better and make your life light up by looking at him.
(Girl:)Is that Darwin?
(Girl 2:) omg yes it is he’s so fucking hot I just wanna fuck him until he dies
by Typewriter__ February 12, 2019
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First used by Thomas Henry Huxley in a review of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species in the April 1860 issue of Westminster Review, it has since become a term used by creationists to poison the well when discussing (attempting to discredit) the theory of evolution. By adding the -ism, they imply a system of beliefs or an ideology, hypocritically equating Darwinism to any other crackpot idea.

Calling someone a "Darwinist" or "evolutionist" is about as ridiculous as calling someone who accepts the fact of gravity a "gravitationalist," or someone who believes the earth is spherical a "sphericist."

Darwinism is wrongly thought by many fundamentalists to be the "religion" of atheists. It's true that most atheists accept Darwin's theory, but that fact is irrelevant to their nonbelief in a deity. They simply see no reason to reject something that's obviously true (i.e., it doesn't contradict some other belief that they refuse to give up).
Darwinism isn't a belief system or an ideology. A person who accepts Darwin's theory (after 150+ years and mountains of evidence in its favor) is merely non-delusional.
by Damastikatah October 4, 2008
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The sweetest most wholesome bean you will ever meet. He is one of a kind and will always listen to you rant about your problems. If you are a smart person, you will never turn your back on a Darwin because his friendship is something people would jump up and down for. He is smart, caring, trustworthy, and loyal and usually weighs about 135 lbs.
by jomam January 29, 2019
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A buzzword that creationists use to refer to the theory of evolution. They use this word to try to equate the theory of evolution with ideologies like communism and fascism.

Such a tactic is dishonest. The theory of evolution is not an ideology. Ideologies are PROSCRIPTIVE--they make value judgments and say what should and shouldn't be done. The theory of evolution, like all other scientific theories like gravity, relativity, etc., is DESCRIPTIVE--it describes and explains facts. Such theories are testable by analyzing them to see what the predictions that they make, and then seeing if those predictions match the facts.

For example, applying the theory of relativity predicts where the stars will be. We look at our hubble telescope and see that lo and behold, the stars are indeed where the theory predicts them to be!

The theory of evolution predicts that the evidence will show that humans and chimpanzees are closely related. We look at human chromosome 2, and see that it's virtually totally analagous to two chimp chromosomes, and lo and behold, human chromosome 2 has a fusion site with telomeres in the middle of the chromosome! (Imagine taking the 2 chimp chromosomes and "scotch-taping" them together--that's what human chromosome 2 looks like).

darwinism is an example of a stupid and dishonest creationist buzzword.
by Harry_Pothead6009 April 21, 2008
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Darwin is a very sweet, loving, kind hearted man, he will do everything he can for the ones he loves, he’s very loyal to his people, and never lets anyone down, although he doesn’t like to show is Darwin had the warmest heart ever, he is perfect. And he has a huge throbbing dick.
Isn’t Darwin the sweetest just look at his big cock
by Sir shokran December 16, 2019
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