A movie starring Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff. The movie sucked so badly that the only positive reviews the producers could manage to find to put on the DVD/video's box were from FOX TV and Tiger Beat, a magazine for ten-year-old girls with no taste.
Oh my God I love A Cinderella Story and Raise Your Voice because Hilary Duff is my hero! I want to be lame like her some day!
by Illusion May 30, 2005
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Refers to a person or professional sports team who achieves unexpected or sudden success or recognition, especially after obscurity, neglect, or misery. Cinderella stories tend to gain much media and fan attention as they move closer to the championship game at the end of the tournament.
The 2004 Boston Red Sox season is considered a Cinderella Story after beating the New York Yankees in 7 games after falling behind 3-0 in the series.
by Juli McBully March 14, 2014
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A private story where you talk about the love of your life. You post pictures and talk about them. Anit no exposin around heree.
Aye, add me in yo Cinderella story.&
by Babyy February 21, 2020
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A private story on Snapchat that talks about your Current relationship or past relationship that turned out to actually be good and not shitty.
Yooo did you see Mya’s Cinderella Love Story ?, It was mad cute
by Bootytalk65 February 23, 2020
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