A big fat bitch is someone who is a fat little bitch who can squish you're ass, it really hurts, and they will do it! Do NOT let them come in and fuck you in the ass, because then you're just fucked. I consider this a really good word for someone who is a bitch named Molly and she can literally squish the fuck out of anyone.
Molly is a big fat bitch who doesn't give a fuck about giving people attitude, they simple self-centered bitches
by Justin Jones February 20, 2020
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A substitute teacher that used to be a gym coach. She yells at kids for no reason, mumbles when she talks to the point where she can't be understood, sits behind the desk the whole class, and never tells students her name. We either call her Big Fat Black Bitch (BFBB) or Ms. (*Donald Duck sound*).
Student: *Sits quietly*.
BFBB: *Donald Duck sounds* Stop talking! *Donald Duck sounds*.
Student: *Whispers* Man, what a Big Fat Black Bitch.
by Waluigi54 January 12, 2018
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'Big fat bitch nugget' means if someone is fat, rude or gross.
Bob: Karen your a big fat bitch nugget!
Karen: Oh my god don't say that I am no big fat bitch nugget you Bitch nugget!
by MEMESareGREAT_BOI May 17, 2019
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