It where you give oral sex to a women and shout out your sisters name when moaning
A Alabama twist I moan my sister name when giving oral sex
by L. O. L February 4, 2021
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A superbly difficult move that is also exceptionally homosexual. While one man is doing another man doggy-style in the ass, they must do 360s together as one unit. This move is also a favorite of exhibitionists; doing it in front of a window on an elevated mattress is encouraged.
As Jason and Jordan performed the Alabama Twist, they knocked over the lamp and accidentally kicked a hole in the wall.

Jake vomited after looking in the window because he saw two fat asses doing the Alabama Twist.

Victor had rug burn on his knees after Alex did him in the ass while doing 360s together. Alabama Twist baby!
by JbodJordyBabes July 14, 2010
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