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The act of being extremely rich and acting ghetto.

91011 Is La Canada area code. La Canada is a super rich town with good schools and amazing party's. Kids are rich as balls and if they don't get what they want they say there poor. Rap is the most listened too genre. Everyone is white or Asian but there are no minority's. The girls are alright, no complaint there. There are many hipsters and stoners who think there is nothing to do here but it's there excuse to act the way they do. Also, kids use many terms to think there cool. Ex. TGOD, Let's Rage, yeahhhhhh boy. Etc.
Kid 1: (listening to an iPod with a splitter and two pairs of Dr.Dre beats with a friend) I'm so young money

Kid 2: dude shut up your 91011
by Johnny Xips January 20, 2012
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