An amount of time that causes parents to cry when they see their child use it to watch abriged anime
Holy shit Tommy, you watched all 9 hours of DBZ abridged anime last night?
by EveryDamnNameisTaken July 29, 2017
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A drink combing 4-Loko and 5-Hour Energy. (5+4=9). Heart failure is almost guaranteed following consumption two servings.
#1: What happened to Alex last night?
#2: Well after he and that girl each drank a 9-hour-loko, they proceeded to get naked and skinny dip in the lake.
#1: It's January...
#2: Exactly.
by GingerDan February 14, 2012
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A state in which you need to poo really, really bad to the point where a large turd is turtle-heading or about to exit on it's own; Often occurs soon after waking up or after a big meal; Also occurs approximately 9 - 10 hours after large feasts and may be occur prematurely when preceded by meals high in fiber.

NOTE: May be accompanied by contractions and a dilated anus.
Dude, if I don't take a shit soon I'm going to be in trouble because I'm 9 hours pregnant!
by TheJizzerOfOz March 3, 2011
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An originally Japanese puzzle oriented video game with an excellent storyline. It involves 9 people who are kidnapped by someone calling himself Zero and out on a ship. They are forced to play a game in which they had to solve puzzles in order to find the door with a number 9 which will lead to their escape. They have 9 hours to do so or the ship will sink. The first in the Zero Escape series.
Person 1: "Hey, have you played 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors?"
Person 2: No, why?
Person 1: Well you should you fucking cactus!
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