the day my aunt almost became a widow. the day my 1 year old cousin almost lost her father. the day my uncle almost died. the day complete strangers helped one another to survive. the day people gave their lives to save another. the day 3000 innocent people did for a reason many still don't understand. the day our nation, for a short time, came together in unity and realized the dream of MLK.
pray for those that were lost on 9/11/01, and pray for their families
by peafootball September 12, 2008
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1. Terrrible day when our towers fell down. I would fuckin kill osama if I saw him.

2. The date when Jay-Z's album The Blueprint released, making the day 5% better.
1. I wanna beat the shit out of osama bin laden with a golf club and piss on his face while hes bleeding to death, then I would throw him in an ocean so the sharks can eat him.

2. Jay-Z made 9/11/01 a little bit better.
by 9/11 sukd chewed and swallowed September 06, 2009
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