The longest unit of time possible known in the universe. When you say you're gonna cum in 8 minutes, your homie can already give up and go on about his life because you're never cumming. That's how long 8 minutes is. 8 minutes is a majestic unit of time in which not even the age the universe can compare. 8 minutes is as long a nigger's dick. 8 minutes is longer than infinity itself, it is bigger and girthier than infinity and a nigger's dick.
tuesday the 19th of february
nigger: Hey bro wanna game tonight?

fucboi: Sure bro I'll be there in 8 minutes.
the night of tuesday the 19th
nigger: You there bro?
by 8 Minutes October 8, 2022
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An uncooperative or physically demanding bowel movement that, once you have finally stood up, feels like you have just completed the most intense ab work out of your life.
I don't work out but I eat so much chili and cabbage that I do my 8 minute abs three times a day. Complete tasty abs, washer-board style!
by CrabAppleSnapple December 14, 2010
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A white car (preferably an SUV) that has a shoddy paint job, unreliable indicator lights, a main operating unit that usually doesn’t let it go much over the speed limit (it takes 8 minutes to go what most people would go in 5) and has letters missing from its make and model labels.
I’ll be there, but it might take a while since I’m going in 8 Minutes; I’ll get there in 8 Minutes
by Perfectly Shaped Egg March 18, 2021
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