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The sequel to 2 girls 1 cup and 4 girls fingerpaint, but wayyyy more nasty. The video starts with 8 girls at a party. One girl pisses into a wine glass and another girl drinks the piss filled glass. The video continues with the 8 girls puking and defecating into each others mouths and it ends with 7 of the girls puking onto one girl. The nastiest video hands down, guaranteed to have you puking till your insides spill out.
Person 1: Hey I need to show you 8 girls no cup!

Person 2: Is it similar to 2 girls 1 cup, cause if it is, I don't even wanna see it.

Person 1: You'll see if you come over here

*Comes over and sees 8 girls no cup*

Person 2: I'm gonna go hypervomit to the 69th dimension now, thanks.
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by Runt18 January 13, 2018
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the sequal to 2 girls one cup. this video is very disturbing, girls experimenting with poo, vomit, and pee in sexual ways. advice you dont watch.
8 girls no cup makes me sick, said tom
by shaunandcody December 22, 2008
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Starts off with 8 girls just enjoying themselves. One girls then pisses into a champagne glass and another girl chugs the piss glass. Then the video continues with shitting and pissing into mouths and ends with all the girls vomiting onto one girl.

Certainly the big poppa of nasty fuck.
I thought my life was bad until I watched this. Holy fuck there is no hope for humanity at all.

8girlsnocup destroyed my soul a little bit.
by Deltronic March 02, 2008
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