The average amount of time a school day takes, tends to feels more like 10 thousand years, and that number is bolstered by homework.
Once I tried to get a 100 person petition for the school to put a sign right outside of the school that would say
"welcome to hell" so new students would know what they were in for when arriving for the first time.
The 7 hours start.......
Now! (sounds of hell intensify)
by lordgrim the invcbke October 14, 2020
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how long you have to live after youve been jigged by somebody under the curse of teh jig of death unless you jig somebody else
7 hours on yo' ass
by paul of death October 21, 2003
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The most common exaggeration of time such as when driving or participating in some other form of transportation
Aww man its gonna take us 7 hours to get there. DAMN!
by Killbog December 1, 2007
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