A 69 race is when two people in the 69 position engage in a race to see who can make the other cum first. The winner is the one who makes the other finish first. The loser MUST finish the other person off either by hand or oral.
Person 1: Dude me and Stacey had a 69-race last night.
Person 2: Who won?
Person 1: She did so I finished her off by fingering her and eating her out.
by Oldmjim August 22, 2019
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Lily 69.
Lily 69.
by Debskelly1985 May 16, 2023
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“Hey do you know why it’s called *69?”
“Oh, because the * looks like a butthole.”
by buttholeavenger October 21, 2022
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funny lame joke
i need to pee
raeans 69 calculator joke!
raean: “press ‘=’”

grnevie: “presses equal”
calculator: “69”
genvei: “so lame”
by ineedtopeereallybad6969 September 18, 2021
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Like regular 69 except you eat each other’s ass
when your downtown for dinner and your surprised with a serving of asshole that’s a 69 salad
by Towboat Bud March 9, 2020
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