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A band around the late 70's who was very familer with the synth sound and used it.Very popular back then. not as much now. one of the main influences of The Strokes. who are hailed as "The saviours of rock". but diden't live up the hype
Could of easily been on the scarface sound track for their newwavish electro-sound.
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 28, 2004
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1. acronym for Laugh Out Loud + sob -- an expression for something that makes you lol and cry at the same time.

2. acronym for Laugh Out Loud, Son of a Bitch. An expression of bitter anger over something funny.
That fatal clown car accident made me lolsob-- clown cars are funny but my best friend was driving.
by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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noun; a place located in Stirling, NJ (a section of Long Hill ) its location is in the middle of the woods between Passaic Ave. and Mercer St. where a broken down vehicle from the 1920's still sits. Surrounding this vehicle are chairs, couches, and countless memories. This place was usually designated for teenagers to either smoke ciggarettes, pot and drink anything they could get their hands on. Also used during the daytime as a backyard wrestling arena for the BWF.
Let's go back to tha car jigga!
Meet me back at the car.
We got so fucked up last night at the car
by Joe Pepe February 08, 2006
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