Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Prior Preparations Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Proper Planning/Preparations Prevents Pretty Poor Performance

Proper Planning/Preparations Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Piss Poor Planning/Preparations Prevents Proper Performance

Micheal: I'm going to break my brother Lincoln out of prison. He's innocent you know.

Loc: Well... If you're really gonna do it, remember the 6 Ps.

Michael: 6 Ps? What's that?

Loc: "Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance"

Micheal: Ohh. Gotcha. But how am I gonna to remember everything once I'm inside?

Loc: Hmm... that's a good one (moment of thought). Hey, why don't you tattoo the plans on your body? You can hide it under the art.

Micheal: Holy Fuck. That's a great idea. You're a fucking GENIUS!

Loc: Yeah, I know.

by AdvanXer April 12, 2009
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6 Ps used in a tight tune 🎶
"Elementary trill
Will I ever have to eat a penitentiary meal?
Will I die young, buried in the earth six feet
Or will I listen to my daddy talk about the six P's, trick please
Proper prior plannin' indeed
Prevents poor performance, I'm about to succeed
Still I'm elementary trill
Caught my game as a youngin' elementary skills"

John Givez - Elementary Trill Lyrics
by rashaunny December 12, 2019
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