Any number that has 6 digits is very sexy. They all have some great art linked to them.
Horny guy 1: Hey, any good 6 digits you got for me?
Horny guy 2: Yeah, check out 701611. Its good.
Horny guy 1: Thanks man.
by jizzlewonker March 01, 2021
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When you ask a girl for her number and she writes something down and walks away. It's not until after she's gone you realize she gave you 6 numbers instead of 7 (not including area code).
Adam: Yo Paul, I was clubbin last night and then i saw this hot girl and asked for her number. I only got 6 digits, Look at this!
Paul: Dude you got fuckin 6-digited. She totally isn't into you.
by Swarnerrrr May 04, 2009
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Commonly used amongst weebs to hint at a doujin found on nhentai.
Guy 1: "What's the source for this one?"
Guy 2: 215600
Guy 1: What do the 6 digits mean?
Guy 2: You clearly possess no knowledge on this.
by /id/kontrolle May 30, 2019
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the code for a manga on often appears when someone asks for the sauce.

you can find the hentai by going to 6 digit code here)
“hey, what’s the sauce for the image on the top right?”
the 6 digit code is 271390
by Ophsfucker November 01, 2019
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