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by MRH July 18, 2019
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the sacred and traditional pooping grounds(shit spot) of temple university's asian students.

Brief History: was first started by two pioneers who believed in private, clean, and fresh smelling restrooms. After semesters of searching for the perfect spot, the "4th floor tuttleman" was the most luxurious place to take care of "business"
T- "hey man, whats up?"
D- "Just had some korean food.... think I need to run by 4th floor tuttleman :-/"
T- "Yeah? me too!!"
(Hi Five)
D- "Sweet, lets make this quick"
by DaDragonDust January 29, 2011
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The place where all the kids go for some fun! like a little bit of nic as well as the place where the party starts
Let’s go for the 4th floor bathroom
by nicotine February 22, 2020
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Name given to a time and place when you have no f'ing idea when and where you are. Usually used when you wake up after passing out and don't know what time it is or where you are. May also be used when your so high you lose track of time and everything and everyone around you feels simulated.

drunk high
Hey dude, wake up!

Whoa.....I blacked out, where are we?

1/2 floor, 4th Dimension for all I know, dude...Lets bounce!

drunk high
by Skylar King May 25, 2010
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