Sending gross 4chan links to your buddies to see who can gross each other out the most.
oh dude that's nasty! i just found one that'll fucking mess you up, though! this 4chan Game is so fun
by FuckingCrazyNigga January 7, 2012
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A sluggish smelly obese lowlife “human being” that spends 24 hours every day bullying and doxxing random users
Dude that 4chan user smells like shit. He should really take a shower.
by Rotten_Cum July 4, 2023
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1. When you automatically hate on something popular

2. Automatically like the opposite of something popular

Both for the express purpose of contrarianism
Dan: “Did you hear Mike talk about how good Morbius is?”
John: “Yeah. Dude suffers from a major case of 4chan Syndrome. He really needs to go outside.”
by Aryan Chungus April 8, 2022
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The 4chan party van is another name for the FBI truck that 4chan users usually see out side their house when they post or talk about Child Pornography.
Other 4chan users use it as positive term rather than a negative one. They say it will take them away to the internet where they can live happily will small children forever. This is a lie and is only mentioned by FBI agents.
Guy1: Hey guys, here's some CP!
Guy2: Dude that's not cool.
Guy1: Uh oh, the 4Chan Party Van is outside my house! They're coming in!
Chris Hansen: Why don't you take a seat?
by Bobnonymous April 15, 2008
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A serious medical condition resulting from being exposed to large amounts of dick pictures whilst sifting through the /b/ on 4chan. A person with 4chan /b/lindess can no longer see dicks as they have been desensitized. It has been reported that some men will look in their pants and see nothing but a small lump.
-Dude. I was on 4chan so much that I think I got 4chan /b/lindness.

-Shit man...Did you try looking in your pants?!

by Solastor September 29, 2011
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the place where memes/bronies/porn originates
4chan/9gag: oh yeah man I looked up 4chan last night got some memes and brony porn
by meh faggit January 31, 2016
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