An American phrase meaning to smoke Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Cannabis or marijuana). Mainly used by hoodlums.
Ron-J: Ay niggah, I got that kush.
Tyrone: Yeah niggah, lets smoke that dank.
Ron-J: Yeah bruh, 420 blaze it!
by SwagLowMuffins June 8, 2014
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Basically, a way to say "let's go smoke some pot".
This originated from California's San Rafael High School, where there was a club that participated in marijuana (weed) smoking every day at precisely 4:20
Peter: Cmon kid school's over, lets go
Daniel: yuss it's time for us to 420 blaze it
by shotgunslayer100 October 29, 2015
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basically means smoke weed.

420 means 4/20 which means April 20th which is national weed day
J: hey you know what next week is!

L: ayeeee 420 blaze it
by Brycegirl February 8, 2018
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to lite up some dank ass weed.
most of the time the "dank ass weed" is laced bru.
can s0mboody gibmy deh 420 b0ss
me: dude 420 blaze it bru
guy smoking it: I think this shit laced bru
by randomdacingderpherp March 14, 2015
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An MLG meme 420 means smoke weed,Blaze it means go high!
What you doing.
420 blazing it!
Come on join me!
420 Blaze it!
They 420 Blazed it!
by November 13, 2016
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