According to Justin Timberlake, that's what we've only got to save the world.
We've only got 4 Minutes to save the world
by fuckinqueenslander June 19, 2008
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A fun drinking game created in Bloomington, Indiana, home of the #1 party school Indiana University.

It's based on the Madonna song 4 minutes. When 4 minutes is called, everyone within earshot must finish their drink within 4 minutes, regardless of how much alcohol is left in the drink. I've personally called 4 minutes and seen someone finish a Long Island in 2 and a half.

4 Minutes can also be called via text message, IM, or any other form of viable communications.

4 Minutes can be called in situations outside of drinking (sex, etc) but that is not the original usage.
Me: 4 Minutes!
Man 1: F U! I just got this 32 oz miller lite!
Man 2: Man up!
by Rebadiculous January 7, 2009
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A hit-song by Queen of Pop, Madonna (aka Madge, short for "your MADGEsty") that broke Elvis Presly's record for "Most Top 10 hits by a single artist, Ever".

Such a hit can only come from the Queen of Pop herself (along with Prince of Pop, Justin Timberlake)
"we only got 4 minutes to save the world! No hesatating, grab a boy, grab a girl"
tick tock tick tock tick tock!
by jackwalker August 18, 2008
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something very funny that makes you laugh so vigorously that it is as if you are excercising in hopes of getting abs.
Oh my god, the products in that catalogue aimed at senior citizens were 4 minute abs!
by goby's old man's sister October 22, 2007
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the time when the program you were watching has finished and every single channel is on adverts

e.g: the simpsons has just finished, the time 6:26, the next programme is on at 6:30, it has just gone onto adverts. you change to the next channel you want, it's on adverts, the next channel, adverts!, the next channel, adverts!!! and so on

they spend so much time looking that

:the next programme has started without realising it
:they get bored and give up

thats where music channels come in
what do you do on your 4 minute wonder??
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) November 29, 2009
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