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It starts off like a nice, if not more intense and warped game of Edward 40 Hands. You and a buddy duct tape 2 Lokos to your hands, and add two to your feet. But then shit gets real, you're coming up with crazy ideas cuz you both took eight hits of acid. You drive out to the desert, stand 200 paces apart, face each other, and stand there (no walking around weenies), until all eight 4lokos are finished. Whoever finishes first, or doesn't pass out wins the duel.

What you'll need-
8 x 4lokos
1 x shitty car to drive to desert environment
2 x sets of balls
Bro 1- Hey bro, I was thinking about jerking off with a noose, but why don't we just go to the desert and do this 4 Loko Challenge - Summer Standoff Edition?
Bro 2- Hey Alright! It's a beautiful day to die! Maybe we can jerk it if we make it back alive!
by Blackout Mystic May 22, 2013
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