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Extra extra extra large white,black,blue etc. t-shirts
100% gangsta don't smile & don't laugh in a 3xl shirt...Bun B I'm A G Lyrics
by n3m0 August 14, 2006
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3XL means refers to the three main types of love, Love multiplied by 3 - relationship love not the love of god or objects. They are

1, Primary or Primal Love - unconditional like the love of a child that hurts you sometimes and puts you through agony, but you still love them again and again. Like the kind found in nature where there are no words only sounds clicking, bleating, mooing, calling and song. When mother elephant fights to defend her baby.

2, Tactical Love - The day to day kind, with such things as kindness, affection, attraction, flowers and love messages

and then there is

3, Strategic love - The planning of weddings far off with savings to feed the guests with wine and vol au vents. The saving for the downpayment on your first house and mortgage, the family holidays and the christmas gifts. The part of love that makes you aim for the future point in time where you plan to move heaven and earth to be next to the one you love. The Vision of home together and a family.
Bob - I love you rose, I love you like no other, I love you with all of my heart .
Rose - Oh Bob, thats so sweet, but have you ever been in love before
Bob - Yes Rose but not like this, this is 3XL
by cj2017 December 26, 2017
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