A printer that brings digital designs to life, either by squirting molten plastic like a cake decorator, or by using a binder material to fuse powder.

Commonly requested items:
- Another 3d printer
- A gun
- A woman
- Organs

Though all those things are possible to some extent, they are usually cruddy and do not work unless you add some sort of manual labor.

Some people use their printers to print paperclips, toothpicks, phone cases, and whistles, but why not just go to the Dollar store instead? Also, 3d printed models are very crude, almost pixellated, and made out of cheap (but expensive) plastic.

Despite popular belief, 3d printing will never replace 2d printing. That is like saying "chainsaws will replace scissors". 2D printing is for printing out a biology report or business letter, and 3d printing is for printing out models.
A: Imagine if everyone had a 3D Printer in their house!
B: Are you kidding me? 3D printing is the biggest gimmick!
A: So was rock and roll and the Internets. It will improve in twenty more years.

C: Yay! I made a whistle, and it only took three hours!
D: You know, the dollar store sells metal whistles for 25 cents
C: (Blows whistle) Sounds as good as storebought!

I can only imagine how much the cartridges cost or how often you have to change them.
by Urine Corporation June 4, 2013
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Whoever has a 3D printer is asked to 3D print them a 3D printer
Cheezar: I got a 3D printer!
Mozarlla: You know what you should make me?
Cheezar: What
Mozarlla: a 3D prInTEr lMAo
Cheezar: .
by BeanzMan January 19, 2020
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A member of the 3d printer community that believes everything and anything a YouTuber tells them even if it's totally stupid.
That 3d printer goof really thinks that petg won't warp! What a goof...
by Hatfishing king November 29, 2018
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