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The inverse of 3D printing where a 3D object is reduced by very thin layers at a time. Often used in the context of wiping your ass, but you are really just wiping a poo that hasn't fully extruded from your anus. Because you are wiping a poo, wiping clean is an exercise in futility. Instead, the defecator should resume trying to push out the poo before attempting to wipe again.

People have referred to this as craypa shits when the poo has the quality of an oil pastel when wiping.
This is the opposite of an Ace, where after a poop, the wipe is clean on the first run.
I couldn't wipe clean the other day because I was just 2D printing a poo.
What's taking so long, are you 2D printing a poo in there?
by 2dprinting May 12, 2013
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