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elitist, A n00b so arrogant that he believes his mere presence will win the game, a consequence of this is that the team the 31337157 is on will often lose because said n00b is likely to stand around doing nothing, handicapping the team severely

not to be confused with 31337357 which refers to the most 0wnz0r player in the entire game.
an 31337157 is a rather dangerous parasite, just below the team-killers in terms of danger, symptoms may include:

-delusions about personal skill

-blaming failure on everybody else/refusing to admit personal error

-standing around giving orders(also known as the wannabe general syndrome)
by k0enus April 09, 2010
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1. adj. Used to describe the elitist of the elite. A direct decendant of 1337.

2. n. a person who is 1337

2. I fucking hate it when all the 31337157 join this server and pwn our n00b asses.
by r0mu1ux November 24, 2003
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