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Suge killed pac for money! *gasp*
Suge Night killed tupac shakur its that fucking simple!
I hope Suge fucking gets shot and burns in hell
They said I had to have 2pac's killer in the description. soo yeah.
by dude-im-cool-43 August 12, 2010
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Tupac Amuru Shakur's killer is unkown, but most people that have common sense believe Orlando Anderson aka known as ''Baby Lane'' a South Central Crip from Los Angeles, murdered Shakur, he was murdered the exact same way Shakur was 2 weeks after Shakur's death at a well known car wash in Los Angeles, so it is safe to say..maybe..maybe that was payback, no one knows for sure.

Illuminati did not kill Tupac Shakur

Suge Knight did not kill Tupac Shakur, and those that believe that are a little off, why would you put a hit out on somebody that you will be sitting in the car with, common sense people, common sense.
Son: ''Who is 2pac's killer?

Father: Nobody really knows son.
by 2dark July 23, 2011
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