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A very potent hallucinogenic drug of the Phenethylamine class, related to 2C-B,2C-E and Mescaline. It was synthesised by Alexander Shulgin. It is a schedule 1 drug in the US, a schedule 3 drug in Canada and a Class A drug in the UK. It is noted to produce very intense hallucinations that can last for 24 hours. The amount required to overdose is very low, and people have reported overdoses after 12mg orally.
I took a load of 2C-P, and I was tripping for days
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by The 2C-E Connoisseur June 26, 2017
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A term reffering to the 2-capture-point maps in Overwatch; these maps are frequently described as the worst in the game for their stall potential. When saying "2cp" by itself, you exclaim that you hate those kind of maps.
Everyone in the chat angrily typed "2cp" in their frustration over taking 5 minutes to capture the objective.
by MeloRaven January 22, 2018
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