girls with big booties are born on this day
lana must be born on 26 november.. look at that booty
by natalia.foxx November 12, 2019
November 26 is fairlichts birthday ( knew as ikbenpeer on tik tok
Yoo it's 26 novemberyou know what that means it fairlichts birthday
by Fishyandstinky October 15, 2019
26 november the day that all the dump bitches are born
Jack : yay it's my birthday
Eema :... It's 26 november you what that means?
Jack :no?
Eema : your a dump bitch
by Fishyandstinky October 16, 2019
The day to hug, kiss, and hold hands with the you like and with the person who likes you. Or with bf/gf.
Bf: Hey its november 26
Gf: oh ya
Girl who likes bf: Bitch you thought that you can take your mans away from me
Bf: She can shes my gf
Gf: Ya go away you freak
by #stealyourmans November 5, 2019
National stick day. Everyone praises and collects sticks.
Person1: “Hey, it’s November 26!”
Person2: “Fuck yeah, sticks!”
by MonsterUnderYaBedXoxo October 17, 2019
"Hey, it's November 26."
"Yeah, a bad bitch was born on this day."
by jacksjerky October 16, 2019
One day to celebrate and appreciate a REAL MOTHERFUCKA! Do whatever you want, it’s YO birthday, fuck everybody else
yooo it’s november 26!!!
oh fr man? it’s real niggas birthday!!
turn the fuck up!
by badbitch6482047 October 17, 2019