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24 Hour News Hour. Television program created by Fox News to try and act funny like John Stewart and Steven Colbert in the summer of 2007. The series started off with clearly Republican biased 'jokes' where Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity would make jokes about the ACLU and democrats as fascists, and why they should be in charge of the nation. This is ages before Glenn Beck came over to Fox to rant also. At first the program had solid ratings of a half million views, but by episode three it dwindled down to 8000 or so, with reruns of the other two stories over and over. They so got the demographic (45 to 75 year olds don't watch comedy shows like Stewart) wrong they utterly and completely failed in away way.
24 Hour News Hour. A suck balls crappy comedy show that was merely an old fogies rant fest.

Jimmy. You watch the 24 hour news hour?

Peter. Yeah, it sucked. They pretended to be funny.

Jimmy. Rush and Ann would make crappy candidates to replace Bush in 08. They'd destroy the world.
by demdoggy55 June 19, 2011
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