The year of birth in-between the 2000s kid generation and the 2010s kid generation. We were too young to fully experience 9/11 but came of age at a time of corrupt politicians and economic recession. Those who didn't play sports, participate as school leaders, have siblings (aka were only children), or become porn addicts likely looked into games and/or advancing memes to hide from the late 2010s's hardships.
A few 2004 kids might've been old enough to delve into Club Penguin, but more-so they played Minecraft and Call of Duty into oblivion until they were teenagers, and switched to social media like Instagram and Snapchat. 2004 kids were thankfully old enough to dodge Fortnite, but now trend in formerly-"cringe" TikTok.
by WhoDatFreshBoi March 24, 2022
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