this is when a person (girl or guy) is so cute, that you have to add a 2 before the cute. it's like cute to the power of 2.
1. check out that Adam.....he's just 2 cute!!
2. that dude is cute.....but i is 2 cute for that!!
by 2 June 16, 2006
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this when a broad, female or whoever, is fyne and she knows it, and she wants everybody else to know. she thinks she 2 cute.
guy: damn gurl fyne
girl: yeah i know, im 2 cute 4 u though!!!!
by Lil A September 8, 2005
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When someone is just too, too cute and it makes you want to do things to them that just ain't right!!
Damn boy, i'm gonna put u in a locket and keep u in my pocket cause u 2 cute!!!
by 2twee March 3, 2005
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What that gay nibba call you in the bathroom when he about to fuck you
Gay boy: boy you 2 cute ;)
Me: ikr ;)
by Thiccems May 7, 2019
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