Track event for the nutjobs. Punishment for mid-distance runners as well. Usually involves running eight laps around an outdoor track and 16+ on indoor facilities.
"Chris, since you were such a smartass last week, I'm running you in the 2 mile."
"But Mug...I run the 800."
"My best time is barely under 13:00, why would you do such a thing?"
"Oh stop your bitchin, it'll be fun."
"Ha, fuck that!"

"Dude, I'm running the two mile today..."
"Ha, sucks to be you!"
by Hermitage_XCountry April 15, 2009
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The thing from spongebob that fetishists dream of experiencing
Man I really want to feel the 2-mile spanking line.
by Crunk Ain’t dead September 7, 2019
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The 2 mile wedgie pull is when ya girls shorts are so far up her ass you gotta walk a mile there and a mile back to get the wedgie out. Pretty kinky.
Bruh, my hoe asked me to perform the 2 mile wedgie pull last night and I got some great cardio in.
by Tiddymonster December 23, 2017
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