peace, as in holding up the index and middle finger to make the peace sign
Low "I'm out"
Row "2 1's my brutha"
by Delow October 30, 2005
2 for 1's are when you wear boxers(shorts), then when you bend over it rides up your butt and its a thong.
Packet had some boxers on, then next thing I knew she bent over and it was a thong. I shouted 2 for 1's!! Wow did that make my day.
by Speedeuphoria May 30, 2008
Liquid Poo. A mixture of solid and liquids forming a runny mess.
See you guys later, I have to go to the bathroom.

How long are you going to be are you going #1 or #2?

The 1 and 1/2's.
by Mike Zuniga October 16, 2007