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1. Waste of air, total social outcast.

2. Thinks of oneself as better than his/her superiors.

Also see Idiot, Pompous
Go to and find 1pariah, he is a fool.
by Cal Cal December 30, 2005
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An infamous internet personality residing on the social networking website "," who through sheer textual viciousness has accrued many fans, and many more enemies over his five years of membership. Some of which who foolishly attempt to drag his name through the mud by posting snarky propaganda trash talking him. Unfortunately, this has an opposite affect, as "any publicity, is good publicity."

In late 2007 he shamed the entire "SeX Cult" social club on, which is renowned for its "l33t trolls" by garnering all their attention and driving them mad with rage, simply by hiding his face in pics with a ten dollar halloween mask.

When unmasked by an obese colored fan girl who had stalker tendencies towards him who used an old photo of him she saved to "fap to," he revealed his game, pwning the cult. Laughing, then telling them all to "kiss his ass," He posted one final pic, his ass in red-fishnet underwear. He then retired for a year.

In 2009 he is now back and worse than ever, revisiting old enemies and making them even more miserable than ever with his berating and reproach of their questionable deeds.

Running his own cult he plans to take over a large percentage of the website, and is now more than ever, an asshole.

Though, legend has it, he used to be nice. . .
Quotes by 1pariah:

"I don't even need soap, I can wash my self with your admiration and rinse with your hatred."

"Go choke on a baby shoe."

"Hot lesbians are a waste of good meat."

"I like making fat chicks cry, they look better after losing the water weight."

"You're black, go back to myspace."

"There is a certain empowerment that comes from burning bridges, and severing ties."
by TooAberrant October 15, 2009
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