thought a future residence, it will be the temporary one of 3 young ladies and one sweet dude for 3 full months of the '05 summer season. actual street name will not be provided, given these entities are often sought after for their overly-bein-sweetness and they would like to only be open to the exclusive members, who are their friends. don't worry. the parties will not be far and few in between. people will flock to this haven like the salmon of the capastrano. and glorious it will be.
can be likened to the apocolypse
by someone bein sweet April 06, 2005
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Rule 1129 states that anything and everything can exist on the online shopping site Aliexpress. Doesn't matter how ridiculous or obscure, as long as you can think of it, it will most definitely be sold on Aliexpress.

'1129' comes from converting the letters in "A", "l", and "i" into its corresponding ordinal number of the Alphabet.
Dude 1: Tf, apparently Aliexpress is a treasure trove for furry costumes
Dude 2: That's nothing compared to what I had found one time. I was bored out of my mind so I looked up gold toilet on Aliexpress and actually found this insane fancy toilet made of 24K gold!!! And it sold for like two grand.
Dude 3: Damn, that's some rule 1129 right there
by UltimateDoge May 12, 2021
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