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the act of doing a dangerous amount of meth and having oral sex with george bush sodomizing him with WMDs on top of 10 gay minorities in the middle of Times Square. Then you will proceed to jackoff on a gray squirrel and then fuck it nonstop for two days. Once you are done, you will wipe your dick on every nun's face and eventually it will get warts. When you get the warts proceed to suck your own dick repeatedly until you blow a hole through your head and fuck that hole cut off your balls throw them at your granparents and fuck them then fuck their little chihuahua and eat taco shit while fucking your own bleeding balls then explode an asshole in your mouth and you die. This is the most amazing feat you can possibly acheive. Congratulations
When asked by St. Peter what he has done in his life Bob says: Well, I dealt drugs, raped babies, and fucked my parents and sister on top of a pile of monkey shit, but I did get to 100000000th base last night.

St. Peter: Welcome to heaven champ.
by grandpa fuckhead August 07, 2010
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